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Tai Chi is a gentle exercise regimen that is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. It is a smooth, graceful form of exercise focusing on balance, body awareness and deep breathing.Tai Chi is sometimes known as “meditation in motion”.

Tai chi is being recognized more by medical professionals that it benefits patients with many different medical conditions. Seniors, people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis, balance problems, and symptoms of other chronic conditions such as Lyme Disease can do the gentle movements and gain range of motion and decreased pain.

New Evening Class at Newmarket Recreation – Tuesdays at 6 pm, still have a few empty spaces! Come join us for Tai Chi for Energy!

  • Small Classes
  • Gentle easy forms
  • Reduce Pain and Stress
  • Good for Balance and Coordination
  • Center your mind and relax!


“Marsha,  thank you for a beautiful experience on the beach.   The waves, the weather, the energy combined to make the tai chi and chi gong incredible.   I loved it!” Namaste, Linda


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